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GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. The GRE entrance exam is taken to pursue postgraduate studies in English-speaking nations. In the GRE entrance exam, the test pattern is the verbal, quant, and analytical writing skills of a candidate. In the GRE entrance exam, the verbal and quant sections are calculated on a scale of 130 to 170 each. Top universities in the world require a GRE score of 150 to 160 for both verbal and quant. In India, the GRE fee is INR 15,800. For MBA programs now apart from GMAT scores, top business schools of the world accept GRE. All around the year candidates get GRE exam dates for general tests and for the subject tests, GRE exam dates are fixed in September, October, and April. Candidates can book the GRE entrance exam with their AADHAR card details as ID proof.  With help of this article, you will get to know everything related to GRE from the GRE General Test in detail along with important GRE Exam topics and much more.



  • The exam name is GRE.
  • The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examinations.
  • This is the official website of the GRE entrance exam for more detail you need to visit this website
  • The GRE exam is the most popular for MS courses in the USA.
  • GRE exam is also accepted for MBA courses outside India
  • GRE exam is conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service)
  • GRE mode of exam is a Computer-delivered test.
  • Paper-delivered test GRE at Home
  • The fee for the GRE exam is the US $213
  • The fee for the GRE exam is the US $213

GRE score range is:

  • 65 minutes, 36 questions
  • Quantitative Reasoning score range: 130–170
  • Analytical Writing score range: 0–6


GRE exam is one of the most commonly accepted exams by universities for admission to this program graduate programmes, students looking to pursue MS courses, MBA courses, professional degree programmes. The GRE exam is opting for thesis work and is required to appear for the GRE General Test or GRE exam as part of the university admission process. These days due to the growing trend of business schools accepting GRE scores in lieu of the GMAT exam – the traditional business school entrance exam. US law schools accept the GRE as an alternative to the LSAT, the typical law school entrance exam.


For the GRE exam, there is confusion over the right time to appear. Throughout the year the GRE at Home and the GRE test conducted at test centers are available, candidates should note. When the candidates have prepared well for the GRE test then they need to register for the GRE exam. To their university application deadline, GRE experts suggest that the right time to appear for the GRE exam is 60 – 90 days prior. If the need arises the candidates would get enough time to re-appear for the GRE test. If you are planning to study abroad then the GRE exam is mandatory for you.


Most of the students are confused about GRE score validity.   For five years from the day of the exam, GRE scores are valid candidates who have appeared for their GRE test should know that. With 1 point increment, GRE Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning are scored on the GRE score range of 130-170. With a half-point increment the GRE score range for Analytical Reasoning is measured on a scale of 0-6. In GRE if any question remains unattempted then no Score (NS) will be stated.

  • Sections: Verbal Reasoning
  • Sections: Quantitative Reasoning
  • Sections: Analytical Writing
  • Sections: Verbal Reasoning
  • Number of Test: 1640350
  • TakersMean: 150.37

Sections: Verbal Reasoning

  • Number of Test: 1640350
  • TakersMean: 150.37

Sections: Quantitative Reasoning:

  • Number of Test: 1643587
  • TakersMean: 153.39

Sections: Analytical Writing:

  • Number of Test: 1635221
  • TakersMean: 3.58

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In the GRE, both computer-based and paper-based are different. The computer-based exam is adaptive. In GRE the GRE General Test format has 3 different sections namely, GRE analytical writing assessment, GRE verbal reasoning, and GRE quantitative reasoning. Along with all these sections there are 2 subsections.


In GRE the GRE Analytical Writing is always the first section of the test which comprises two types of questions. In this section Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument are two types of tasks asked. Time is 60 minutes to attempt two sections for 30 minutes each of GRE analytical writing in which they are required to analyze the logical soundness of the argument.


In the GRE entrance exam GRE verbal reasoning evaluates the candidate’s ability to analyze written material and incorporate data acquired from it. For its tricky question types, candidates find the GRE verbal reasoning section difficult. In this section Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence are three types of questions asked. Under the GRE verbal syllabus Verb Tense, Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions, Pronoun Agreement, Subject-Verb Agreement, etc, are some of the topics that are included. In 60 minutes the candidates have to attempt 40 questions.


GRE quantitative reasoning can change the scorecard of the candidates with little practice.GRE quant syllabus Quantitative comparison, Problem-solving, and Data interpretation comprise. In mathematical settings GRE Quantitative Reasoning contains questions that are modeled in real-life settings or completely. In 70 minutes candidates have to attempt 40 questions.


There is no such specific GRE exam eligibility criteria regarding age or educational qualifications. The candidates have two that candidates need to be concerned about is – Having a Passport if you are an Indian and completed the undergraduate degree. On the university the candidate is applying to, the GRE admission criteria also depend.


For the GRE Registration online easily by making an ETS account at For booking the test you have to find out the accessible GRE exam centers and the available time slots. For easy accessibility ETS makes an easy GRE login account. Students can pay the GRE exam fee via credit or debit card. One more way candidates can do registration via phone by calling 1-800-473-2255, they provide all necessary information will be given over a call. By mail also candidates can register for the GRE. Students have to send the completed GRE registration form to the address mentioned on the website. At least 3 weeks before the chosen test date the application form must reach the address.


  • GRE verbal (130-170 score scale)
  • GRE quantitative reasoning (130-170 score scale)
  • GRE Analytical Writing (0-5 score scale)


  • Contact details like phone, name, email id
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Preferred graduate major
  • GRE test dates
  • GRE test score and the percentile score
  • Authorized score recipients
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