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About Mongolia

 Magnolia is a diverse family of trees which is located in the beauty of East of Asia continent having countries such as China and Russia sharing the borders of the country. Due to the current land situation, between the two nations, this country is known as a landlocked country. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and this city is also is known to be the largest city among all the cities of the country. The Mongolian official language is two scripts are followed throughout the nation, named as Mongolian Cyrillic and another one is named as Mongolian Script. If you are planning to pursue MBBS from abroad, then Mongolia is one of the best options for you. Mongolia is a beautiful country with a population of 3.3 million. If we talk about its greater part is blistering in the mid-year and incredibility cold in the colder time of year. Russian as the subsequent language in Mongolia. Mongolia is one of the countries which is known to be the eighteenth largest and the state which has the sovereign that is most sparsely populated, in the world.

Why MBBS in Mongolia?

MBBS in Mongolia is the best option for those students who have a dream to pursue their MBBS course from abroad because it is a wonderful country packed with beauty and safety. Here you will get top MBBS universities which have:

  • Superior infrastructure,
  • The modernized digital classrooms
  • The contemporary labs
  • The latest teaching system
  • The specialized and professional medical faculties
  • The low-cost tuition fees.

As compared to other countries the cost of living is additionally one of the least, consequently making studying MBBS in Mongolia quite possibly the most pursued course. 

 In addition to the brilliant scholastics system, the delightful snowfall and tasty food students will get in this country.

Some highlight points are:

  • MBBS in Mongolia Eligibility criteria is 12th Science (PCB)
  • Qualified: NEET
  • Course Fee: $4500 / Year
  • Duration of Course for MBBS in Mongolia 4.5 Years along with 6 Months Internship
  • IELTS & TOEFLMandatory
  • Cost of Living: $150 Per
  • MonthUniversity: RecognitionApproved by WHO
  • Education Medium: English

Reasons to choose medical studies in Mongolia

  • The high standard education system and sophisticated infrastructure.
  • The language which is used in these countries for courses in English.
  • In this country trained and skilful professors you will get.
  • Very easy process in this country for MBBS admission.
  • Students don’t need to pay any donations.
  • For students cost of living is much affordable.
  • Smoking or Drinking are not allowed on University Campus.
  • One more advantage is that late Night Entrance into the University Campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Wonderful Medical Universities and hostels likewise modernized and all around cleaned in Mongolia.
  • No ragging

Documents Required

  • 10+2 Mark sheet is required
  • National / Citizenship ID proof is required
  • Birth Certificate of candidate
  • A certificate of Character of the candidate is required.
  • Recent Passport & Student Visa of the candidate is required.
  • NOC from Police
  • Scorecard of NEET
  • Test Score of English Proficiency
  • Mongolia Medical University’s Offer Letter
  • Student’s Guardian Bank Statement
  • Mongolian Embassy Clearance Letter
  • 10 Numbers of Passport Photographs

Mongolia University

Students can apply for MBBS in Mongolia from various different platforms. In Mongolia, the institute has more than 70 undergraduate schemes or programs running for the students.

The main aim of the institute is to provide just not education but education with a blend of understanding of cultural exchanges. The MBBS institute in Mongolia provides a large number of basic courses such as medical genetics, system anatomy, physiology, nutrition etc.

The institute in Mongolia also offers a handful, of course, in Clinical Immunology, Internal medicine, Surgery, Medical Imaging, Forensic studies, etc. The tuition fee in Mongolia for MBBS is about 2,000 USD.

The Mongolian university becomes one of the most selective organizations in the world, due to the adoption of such a selective policy.

They are candidates from different countries from different nationalities, are welcome to fill up the application form. The fee structure in Magnolia lies between 1,000 to 2,500 USD, whereas for international students fees lie between 2,500 to 5,000 USD. The selection criteria of the Institute is totally based on the merit of the students. The entrance test is organized and the candidates are in such a way that students have to pass that with passing the entrance test no candidate will be entertained further. The institute checks the past academic record matches to their criteria of eligibility, without it no chance of getting admitted to the university.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Mongolia

  1. Students need to pass the 12th standard with physic, chemistry and bio subjects.
  2. Student have done their schooling from the English medium.
  3. Students need to be qualified NEET entrance exam for taking admission to MBBS in Mongolia.
  4. IELTS & TOEFL entrance exam is mandatory.

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Why is it so difficult to get admitted to the university?

One of the main reasons is that the selection process that the Institute has opted for is very strict. So, they do not entertain students who do not match their level of quality of education or past credits in the field of education. Can Indian students get admission to the institute of Mongolia for the degree of MBBS?

Students from every country are welcome in this country for applying MBBS, so if we talk about Indian students they are also eligible for applying in the university. The chance of getting admitted for doing MBBS in Mongolia is ranging between ten to twenty per cent chances, which depends on the candidate’s previous academic record, getting admission to the institution. Can there be any chance to do an MD in Gynecology after BHMS?

No, first you pass MBBS and then DGO and you cannot pursue BHMS. How much total cost is required for doing MBBS from Mongolia?

If you are local from Mongolia then you have to pay a different fee and if you are an international then you have a different fee structure. The fee structure in Mongolia lies between 1,000 to 2,500 USD, whereas for international students fees lie between 2,500 to 5,000 USD.
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